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« on: 07. January 2010, 11:39:19 »
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ICQ 7 has been out for quiet a long time now in russian language and with several unofficial patches for other countries' users. But very often i read about security gaps and that noone should use this version as it brings loads of risks with it.
I myself use this version for half a year now and never experienced any issues so could u tell me wether there are serious dangers when using icq7 or not?
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« Reply #1 on: 11. January 2010, 09:45:09 »
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ICQ 7 isn't even out yet. You're probably referring to ICQ Lite.
Every software has its problems and ICQ surely isn't exempt from them. I am however not aware of any severe security relevant issues with ICQ Lite, which is also currently only available for russian users.

When it's out, ICQ 7 will be available at
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