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Author Topic: Make your own language for ICQ6!  (Read 17828 times)
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« on: 20. April 2007, 23:57:02 »

Hello everyone you will find ICQ6 language files here in the forums.

They are all inofficial own versions which were not created by ICQ or an official ICQ partner.

Available versions (in order of creation):
German (max Build 5400)
Czech (max Build 5400)
Russian (max Build 5400)
Bulgarian (max Build 5400)
Finnish (max Build 5400)

However your's might not be among them. But you might create your own.

Download the Sample language below. Then edit the Files inside.

Don't change entries similiar to:

<!ENTITY % englishFallbackDTD SYSTEM "../en-US/AboutDlg.dtd">

All entries in the Language Files are similiar to the following. Just change the blue marked text and you must NOT in whatever matter change the red marked text.
<!ENTITY AboutDlg.TextLineThird "Sounds for this version are provided and preformed by Infected Mushroom.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Language translation by (your real name)">
You won't need to change text that is in between
<!-- text text text -->
It is not used. It is just a comment. If you want you might add as much as needed comments like that without hesitation.

For using the language files properly, there also needs the lang.xml file being edited.
It contains:
   <s LanguageId="xx-XX" DisplayName="Sample language (for translation purposes)"/>
Edit the file to fit with your language. The xx-XX entry must be fitting with the language's folder name and also with the language system code for most proper operation. You can find the locale IDs here. Use an ID which is named in the Culture name column. It needs to be one, which is also asigned to a country.

You need to save all Files in UTF-8 (8 bits Unicode). See the Help and Instructions of your Editor how to do that, or if you use Notepad, choose save as and choose for Encoding UTF-8, then easily overwrite the old file instead of just saving it.

Don't remove the original en-US folder. Some people thought they might erase it and complained their ICQ6 no longer works with this.

You think you're skilled in translating from English to your language? Notify me!
I will give you direct support with your problems while translating.
You can find my UIN at the ICQ Logo beneath my Avatar or in the Support thread.

this will be updated from time to time along with new versions of the ICQ6 software...

* Sample language.rar (34.54 KB - downloaded 3378 times.)
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