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Privacy Policy

Date of last Change: 2008/03/17

The following Privacy Policy applies to your use of the AnimeSharp Services (as defined below). The AnimeSharp Services improve your online experience by offering you access to a variety of services, offerings and content. By registering a user account with 'AnimeSharp - animating people', you gain access to the AnimeSharp Services, which consist of the various services provided by AnimeSharp such as the AnimeSharp social networking service, the AnimeSharp website, and all related servers, directories, listings, message boards, tools, information and databases (collectively the "AnimeSharp Services" or "Services"). Some portions of the AnimeSharp Services may be available to end users who do not register to the AnimeSharp Services. Your ongoing use of the AnimeSharp Services signifies your consent to the information practices disclosed in this Privacy Policy. If you object to any provision of this Privacy Policy please do not proceed with registration and please do not use the AnimeSharp Services.

When you register with and/or use the AnimeSharp Services, you may provide AnimeSharp with, or AnimeSharp may otherwise obtain personally identifiable information (your "Information"). This Privacy Policy explains the information practices that apply to your Information. This Privacy Policy applies only to information AnimeSharp collects about you as a user of the AnimeSharp Services. This policy does not apply to information about you collected by third party Web sites and offerings linked to or otherwise accessible from the AnimeSharp Services. The information collected or obtained by these third parties is subject to their own privacy policies. Additionally, in the event you access a service using the AnimeSharp Services which is co-branded with a third party such third party's privacy policy, in addition to the AnimeSharp Privacy Policy, may also apply. Even though, if the third party service is not affiliated with 'AnimeSharp - animating people'.

Any reference made in this Privacy Policy to AnimeSharp shall be deemed to have been made to 'AnimeSharp - animating people', its subsidiaries, successors, assignees, affiliates as well as any company or identity that controls 'AnimeSharp - animating people', directly or indirectly, and any other subsidiary of that controlling company or identity.

Collection of your Information

Your Information consists of personally identifiable information provided by you or otherwise collected or obtained by AnimeSharp when you interact with the AnimeSharp Services. Depending on how you use the AnimeSharp Services, your Information may include:

Your Information may be supplemented with additional information from other companies.

In addition, many services provided by AnimeSharp (e.g. the AnimeSharp Forums, Projects and Causes) ("Services") are configured to automatically report back information relating to computer errors arising in connection with use of the Service, without notice to you. Information on your Software configuration settings may be included. This data is sent to AnimeSharp to help us diagnose performance issues with, and improve, the Services.

How Your Information is Used

Your Information is used to:

Your Information will not be shared with third parties unless:

The contents of your online communications, as well as other information about you as an AnimeSharp Services user (e.g. IP address), may be disclosed (i) to authorized officers of the court in response to legal process (for example, a court order, search warrant or subpoena) or in other circumstances in which AnimeSharp believes the AnimeSharp Services are being used in the commission of a crime or when we have a good faith belief that there is an emergency that poses a threat to the safety of you or another person; or (ii) when necessary either to protect the rights or property of AnimeSharp, the AnimeSharp Services or its affiliated providers, or for us to render the service you have requested.

AnimeSharp may use agents and contractors in order to help operate the AnimeSharp Services. If such agents and contractors have access to personally identifiable information, they are required to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy AnimeSharp Services. You should also note that AnimeSharp's operational personnel may be occasionally exposed to random usage traffic going through the AnimeSharp servers.

In the event that ownership of the AnimeSharp Services was to change as a result of a merger, acquisition or transfer to another company, your Information may be transferred.

Direct Marketing

During registration to the AnimeSharp Services and at other times during your use of the AnimeSharp Services you may be asked if you would like to receive various promotional offerings from AnimeSharp. Upon receipt of your consent AnimeSharp (or AnimeSharp's business partners) may use your Information to send email, SMS, or any other electronic communications (including, without limitation any electronic means available through the Software) ("Direct Marketing") to you about certain promotions on behalf of selected third parties.

Direct Marketing does not apply to communications and information sent by AnimeSharp (whether by email, through the Software, or other means) that is directly related to your registration with the AnimeSharp Services and the various features (including notifications of new features) contained within the AnimeSharp Services, or the fulfillment of a specific transaction you have requested (for example, a service advisory from the AnimeSharp Services, or an acknowledgment of a purchase order). Please note if you have chosen to use a Service Co-Branded with a third party, Direct Marketing shall not apply to communications and information sent by such third party through the Software that is directly related to your registration with the third party's services and the various features (including notifications of new features) provided to you by such third party, or the fulfillment of a specific transaction you have requested (for example, an acknowledgment of a purchase order). In addition, Direct Marketing does not apply to advertisements provided to you through the AnimeSharp Services, including from AnimeSharp's business partners. These business partners and advertisers may receive aggregate data about groups of users, but do not receive information that personally identifies you, except if otherwise agreed by you.

Public Areas and My Profile Area

If you use the AnimeSharp Services to disclose information about yourself publicly, for example, in or through: chat rooms, message boards, groups, lists, blogs, AnimeSharp directories, your My Profile Area (as defined below) or any other area reasonably understood to be a public area (collectively, the "Public Areas"), other online users may obtain access to and use any such information you provide, including previous publications of such information, you might have requested to remove. You should therefore carefully consider whether you wish such information to be accessible by others. You should also note that others may be able to record certain information even if not made available in a Public Area, such as the content at a session (e.g. chat messages) or your IP address. The IP address is an integral part of the TCP/IP standard protocol of the Internet and can be extracted by any party to the communication session using certain software and/or hardware.

The My Profile Area is the area on the AnimeSharp websie that users are able create a personal profile for themselves by providing various details about themselves. Users may add details to the My Profile Area during registration or any time thereafter through the Service or the AnimeSharp Web sites. You may be required to provide a nickname and/or email address (which will be displayed in the My Profile Area) that will be used as your User identifier (e.g. your login name which may be used by others to locate you on the AnimeSharp website). AnimeSharp does not require you to input any other personally identifiable information about yourself. Except if explicitly stated otherwise, any information you choose to provide in the My Profile Area will be deemed to have been provided to a Public Area.

The holder of an AnimeSharp User account and AnimeSharp User password (as applicable) has the ability and discretion to edit the details provided in the My Profile Area. For this reason and other reasons it is very important to keep your password in a safe place. It is your responsibility to keep your password and username secure. In some instances additions or amendments to your My Profile Area may not be immediately visible to all users (e.g. users who already have that account on their contact list will be required to press an "Update" or "Refresh" button in order to view the new or revised details or information entered).

Please be aware of where you choose to provide information. In certain Public Areas you may not be able to delete the information you have provided. For example, on message boards, chat sessions, or other services that are maintained by third parties (e.g. AnimeSharp lists, AnimeSharp Forums, AnimeSharp virtual private networks etc.).

Cookies and Web Beacons

The AnimeSharp Services may use cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies in combination with your Information to enhance and personalize your experience on the AnimeSharp Services, including, without limitation, to operate and improve offerings through the AnimeSharp Services; to help authenticate you when you use the AnimeSharp Services; to remember your preferences and registration information; to enable a shopping cart; to present and help measure and research the effectiveness of AnimeSharp Services offerings, advertisements, and e-mail communications (by determining which Network e-mails you open and act upon); and to customize the content and aggregations provided to you through the AnimeSharp Services.

A cookie is a small text file transferred from AnimeSharp to your computer that records information about your preferences and use of services provided by AnimeSharp. Such cookies may also include cookies which help AnimeSharp to identify your location (ie. by determining your IP address) while others may assist AnimeSharp in remembering certain settings that you have chosen. Web beacons are small pieces of code placed on Web pages that can be used, among other things, to count the users who visit that Web page, or to deliver a cookie to the browser of a user viewing that page. You can control cookies through your browser's settings. If you reject all cookies, however, you may not be able to take advantage of most the AnimeSharp Services offerings.

Our Commitment to Security

AnimeSharp has established safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access to or misuse of your Information, but cannot guarantee that your personally identifiable information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Privacy Policy (for example, as a result of unauthorized acts by third parties that violate applicable law or the policies of the AnimeSharp Services and its affiliated providers).

General Internet Hazards

You should be aware that receiving files or data from third parties, via any application (e.g. websites, email, etc.) may be harmful. Before downloading any files from any website, and even if the website from which the download is provided looks familiar to you, it is strongly recommended that you verify that the file you have downloaded to your computer is safe, for example by using anti-virus software. Please make sure not to download files from users profiles and postings you do not trust, or are not sure they are whom they say they are or whenever you are not sure you want to download and use the files.

You should be aware that communications over the Internet are not secure unless they have been encrypted. AnimeSharp does not encrypt your communications. In addition, your communications may be routed through different countries - that is the nature of the Internet. AnimeSharp cannot accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of Data.

International Transfer of Data

The AnimeSharp Services is international in scope. By using the AnimeSharp Services you consent to your Information being sent and processed in other jurisdictions, including jurisdictions outside your area where there may be less stringent data protection laws.

Special Note for Parents

The AnimeSharp Services is intended for a general audience, and children under the age of thirteen are not permitted to register with the AnimeSharp Services. If it comes to AnimeSharp's attention through reliable means that a user of the AnimeSharp Services is under the age of 13 then AnimeSharp may delete such users account. However, AnimeSharp is not obliged to check and confim a users age and credentials, to erase an account.

Changes to this Privacy Policy and Additional Information

AnimeSharp may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, therefore you should review this Policy periodically. If there are significant changes to the AnimeSharp's information practices, you may be provided with appropriate online notice, such as notification on the AnimeSharp Web site. You may be provided other privacy-related information in connection with your use of offerings from the AnimeSharp Services, as well as for special features and services not described in this Privacy Policy that may be introduced in the future. You accept to check the Privacy Policy on your own demand, to comply with the here available notices.