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Creating ICQ Skins

August 6th, 2007

The Sample Skin got a huge Update, just now. It now offers you the following possibilities:

  • about all font/background colors can be modified
  • nearly all nescessary Images are changeable
  • moving/resizing the close, minimize and maximize/restore buttons
  • full phone xtra control
  • full coming_up xtra control
  • move/resize the toaster windows
  • changing nearly all font styles
  • using background images for the contact list
  • sizing the main window (contact list)
  • modifying the corner radius of all windows 
  • redesign the tooltips
  • styling the suggest pop-up and input fields
  • fixed rectangular behaviors (not properly styled by default)
  • fixed more xtraz tabs button (not properly styled by default)
  • fixed about dialog (not properly styled by default)
  • typing indicator centered back as it was in Build 5354
  • compatible with all versions since Build 5381

You can download it in the forums’ ICQ section in the Skinning tutorial.

Have a lot of fun with this!

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